Introductions of Glenn & Lonnie Ward

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2016 Introductions

We've been silent for the past several years but our hybridizing program has not. Our main focus has been on Spiders and Unusual Forms. That does not mean we are not also still working on doubles and large flowered tetraploids, but as you can see, we are introducting some things that are far more beautiful than can be captured on camera. Over the past several years we have brought back the hardiness and beauty of daylilies. Our genetic gene pool has gone back to some the first daylilies that have stood the test of time. Many of the newer cultivars are loosing their hardiness because of so many inbread gene pools and so many cultivars grown out in greenhouses.

H. "Dragonfly Passion" (Glenn & Lonnie Ward - 2015) 8"La32"dor Lavender purple blend diploid UF with slightly larger band and yellow green throat. - $70.00