Oak Haven Farms Daylilies

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Glenn & Lonnie Ward's Past Introductions

"Daylilies are our Speciality"

Nellie's Curls - (Lonnie Ward)

Full Moon Rising - (Lonnie Ward)

Apron Strings - (Lonnie Ward)

Blood Stream - (Lonnie Ward)

Green Eyed Monster - (Lonnie Ward)

Technical Knockout - (Lonnie Ward)

Totally Awesome - (Glenn Ward)

Banjo Strings - (Lonnie Ward)

Harp Strings - (Lonnie Ward)

Triple Treat - (Glenn Ward)

My Fathers Eyes - (Lonnie Ward)

Needle's Eye - (Lonnie Ward)

Lavender Attraction - (Glenn Ward)

Labor Of Love - (Glenn Ward)

Look Of Distinction - (Glenn Ward)